Tuesday, 28 August 2007


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I've been on somewhat of a mission, of late, to find Sydney's best cupcakes. Thanks to my insane boss and fellow work collegue, we've managed to make this mission a 'team building exercise', meaning we borrows the company car and drive around sydney looking for cupcakes - any dodgy excuse to leave the office and we've probably done it.

The results of our hard-nosed, fact finding mission has resulted in us visiting the following doyennes of le cupcake:

1. Babycakes, Summer Hill

2. Cupcakes on Pitt, Pitt Street Sydney

3. The Cupcake Bakery, Paddington

4. My Little Cupcake, Neutral Bay

5. Cafe Next, Balmain

My findings are such:

Babycakes: Cute, bite sized pieces of joy - coming in a multitude of flavours, both 'standard' and 'gourmet'...(the only difference we could see was the addition of a few extra nuts and or glace fruits..). We like what we ate. We even convinced the company to order 150 or so for a function.
What we (read: I) don't like (some might call it a pet hate) is crap service. For a bunch of cupcake purveyors, they certainly aren't little rays of sunshine, thats for damn sure. Chin up, ladies - you're not curing cancer!

2. Cupcakes on Pitt: Weighing in a slightly more standard size, these cupcakes are a little more standard in terms of presentation but have a better focus on the icing - more buttery and softer in texture. Lesser choices than the abundance available at Babycakes but still not half bad. Let's face it, if there's no icing, it's just a _cake.

3. The Cupcake Bakery: I'm not entirely sure how long these cakes were sitting out for, but I suspect it had been there for waaaaaay too long (seriously cumbly and dry)..and to be honest, I've had better cake out of a box *insert cat noise here*. Coupled with waaaaay too much icing, we were not impressed.

4. Their website looks kinda like a female version of Peter Pan, or a gay man (the same thing?) threw up on it, but despite such an apparent obsession for cupcakes, I have to say the actual batter used was a bit too heavy for my liking (check my upcoming blog entries for what consititues the ultimate cupcake), the sugar decoration was also a little large and perhaps was an intended distraction for the fact the icing application was a little middle-of-the-road.

5. My absolute favourite so far. This story comes with the myth of magical little lady who delivers these perfect little cupcakes daily..there are never any left at the end of the day...and they're that good. At $2.50 for a mini cupcake- they aren't cheap, but the sponge is light and airy, the icing is adequate and not too sweet and the presentation is impeccable. Definitely worth a visit..get in early if you want to try these out on weekends!


riss said...

i'll miss the cupcake expeditions :(