Thursday, 6 September 2007

red roll

Shop 10, 25 Liverpool Lane East, World Square Sydney

Ha! Firstly, I love the name. Certainly the most alliterate way to say 'Chinese food on a roll'.

I've been seriously skeptical about trying this place despite many foodie friends around the city telling me I need to try it..mainly because I had images of my parents taking me to Bankstown as a kid for Vietnamese pork rolls and...well the whole hepatitis scare over there a few years back wasn't so pleasant.

Despite this, your fearless foodie ventured into the abomination that is the World Square complex, to see what Red Roll was all about. What I found was a clean, efficiently run production line of keen little red roll employees speedily stuffing rolls to order. A franchise with its beginnings at the famous mascot bakery, Hong Ha - this is the kind of fast food I could get used to.

The singular pork roll has since morphed into a variety of other options including Chicken, Beef, Meatballs (hello?) and the ubquitious vegetarian option.

As I am a purist at heart, I decided to go for the pork roll. I am told that the rolls are freshly baked on the premisis and the rolls are made to order.

The result is wonderfully crusty Vietnamese bread (at least colonialism has one benefit in this case, thanks Frenchies!), filled with some pretty fresh and rather delicious ingredients. I do wander what the 'special sauce' is and how they make their 'homemade pate' but in any case, at $6.50, its a lunchtime delight.

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Ashlee said...

Oh yay I love this place... I go to Hong Ha in Mascot and the chicken roll is amazing!

Very cool blog by the way.