Wednesday, 26 March 2008

fratelli paradiso

12-16 Challis Avenue
Potts Point NSW 2011
Phone (02) 9357 1744


There's something to be said about a restaurant's commitment to authenticity. Particularly when it means a blackboard menu entirely written in Italian, and especially when it means translating it to every customer whose knowledge of the Italian language is encapsulated by 'ravioli', 'gnocchi' and if you're lucky 'insalate'.

Luckily, its a brief (but delicious) menu, consisting of some safe, though well done favourites such as the Insalate Caprese and the stock standard Lasagne.

On the more interesting side, we ordered the Crudo de Pescepado - Swordfish carpaccio dressed with finely sliced fennel, pommegranates, olive oil and lemon juice. The pommegranate and the fennel leant a real freshness to the meaty and the stronger taste of swordfish...a really well balanced dish.


Ragu has become somewhat of a staple dish amongst Italian restaurants around Sydney with the likes of Il Baretto, Bondi Trattoria, etc having their own versions, more often with duck - I am happy to say that the little bunny/bunnies that found their way into my Tagliatelle al ragu di coniglio should be happy they were part of a really delicious end - the ragu was not tomato based like many around town, lending a more delicate-though-rich flavour to the dish...and was served with quite possibly the most perfectly cooked 'al dente' pasta I have ever eaten.


Also on the menu was the Penne al Sugo di Pesce e zafferand - penne with a snapper/clam concoction infused with saffron -
beautifully sunshine yellow-tinted, the snapper was cooked down to tiny little pieces, clams still in the shell (more would have been welcome).

The Zabione for dessert was creamy and the layered were deliciously contrasting in both temperature and texture..but the winner was the biscotti served with it...crunchy with hazelnuts and pistachios evident within a sweetly lemon-rind infused crust.

Not a lunch that should be rushed. Cute waiters add decoration.