Tuesday, 11 March 2008

good seasonal food

If you want to eat food with the best produce and the freshest ingredients, the obvious option is choose produce that is locally in season.

Gone are the days of excess...where if you had your lobsters flown in from Maine and your figs sent from the Italian riviera, it meant you had taste and could afford it.

And really, who's thinking of flying frozen ingredients from other parts of the world when we have amazing produce in our backyards, just begging to be used?

I am devoting a new part of my blog to the discussion of ingredients that I love, particularly those that are in season..because when you get down to it, not only is it the best way to enjoy food at its best and freshest, but with the green movement being ever a (very relevant) presence in all areas of our lives, impractical transportation of food just isn't conscious eating.