Sunday, 18 May 2008

mos burger


Foodies who say they don't occasionally love some dirty junk food are way to highbrow for me to keep company with.

A more than one trustworthy friend recommended that we visit a Mos Burger joint whilst we are here in Japan and low and behold, there was one right near our hotel in Nagoya.

So for breakfast (yes, I know but we're on holidays!) we decided that a hot dog and cheeseburger with Coke would be a great way to start the day.
mos mel

It was bad. But in a sinfully good way. May I recommend that if you are over 5'2" and like to eat, you might like to double your order..its tiny, though perhaps thats why the Japanese aren't...American sized.

mos alexander


Anonymous said...

That is so true, people who totally smugg off junk food will probably eat it still but talk fancy when they're around people. I definitely like to mix it up.