Thursday, 22 May 2008



Regional specialities are part of the charm and delight of travelling - finding new foods specific to a particular area can be surprising, delicious...or questionable.

One of Osaka's two most famous specialities are Okinomiyaki; a savoury pancake dish, filled with meat, vegetables and topped with Japanese barbeque sauce and mayonaise. If you have a heart condition or a cholesterol problem, you might want to sit this one out.


It's not hard to find; all over Osaka, you can find Okinomiyaki restaurants - they look a little like Teppenyaki restaurants with a hot bar that goes around the outside of the table with chefs cooking the food right in front of you. There are often lots of options, but go with the 'specials' and you generally can't go wrong.

We went for a beef Okinomiyaki and a prawn version which is a particular favourite amongst Osakians and involves cracking an egg on the grill and then flipping the pancake and topping it with lots of sauce.


It's heart stoppingly good..and incredibly rich but worth a try if you're visiting. Street vendors do mini versions on the run if you happen to develop an addiction and need a quick fix.