Thursday, 22 May 2008



...or 'occy balls' as Alexander likes to describe them, are fried octopus croquettes that you can find at most street vendors: another favourite speciality of Osaka locals.

For about 300 yen ($3.00), you can get a box of 6 fried delights - topped with that ubiquitous combination of barbeque sauce, mayonaise and bonito (smoked fish flakes that make up a typical Japanese soup stock and often used as a garnish) flakes.


Bite into one and you'll experience a creamy soft interior, mixed with octopus pieces that go perfectly with a late night Asahi or as a quick snack in between shopping districts.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're enjoying yourself :)

Takoyaki are pretty rare in Sydney I'd imagine. I've never seen someone making them but I dont really like octopus anyway

Does Japan have a lot of "street food" style vendors like China btw?


iheartfood said...

Hi there! Japan has a load of street food...if you're into it, there's so much to choose from! Everything from tempura'd prawns, gyoza, stand-up noodle bars, okonomiyaki vendors..everyone tends to specialise in one or two things, but they do them well.