Tuesday, 26 August 2008

50's fair

Rose Seidler House, 
Wahroonga NSW 

Over the weekend, the annual Historic Houses Trust held their 50's fair, at Rose Seidler House.
Think gorgeous girls in full skirts, cat's eye sunglasses, pin curls and impeccable make-up. Guys with quiffs, tattoos, attitudes and hot cars. 

It only happens once a year, so it's more than worth taking the trip across the bridge to check out the fashion, the cars, vintage wares, swing dancing, burlesque lingerie and more. 

This is Rhonda, my boyfriend's pride and joy. Think about 200 of these, milling around Wahroonga. Phoooar. 


But to the food. This, like everything else here was themed on 50's Americana. We started with Chicken Drumettes and chips. The chicken was deliciously seasoned and served up by ladies wearing platinum blonde wigs with hair nets over the top..they were quite oily, but what the hey, we're in a time where obesity didn't exist..


I think Kate approved:


We followed up our drumettes with a Smoky Burger: beef, bacon, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce and blue cheese on an old school burger bun. None of this ciabatta nonsense here. 

I am happy to report that it was delicious. The blue cheese was satisfactorily pungent, prompting my friend Tali to say "It's stinky in my mouth!" much to the confusion of people walking past the time...but overall it was a total winner. 


And of course, no meal can be complete without desert. We found a stall making the sweetest little biscuits and cupcakes..huge points for perfect icing. The cake was a bit heavier than I'd like but who can resist this sweet little thing? I'm sure there were many childhood flashbacks with the amount of cotton candy and candy apples being consumed by big kids, too.


We left a few hours later with a vintage floor length dress, a glazed boomerang shaped ceramic dish, heaps of photos and a carefree 50's swing in our step. Mark it in your calendar for next year, right now!