Monday, 1 December 2008

all i want for xmas

Gift Ideas for the Foodie You Know

It's finally December (though by the weather, you'd never know it), so here is my culinary wishlist for this year. And Santa? I've been a very, very good girl this year.

LaCreuset 29cm oval french oven in Caribbean Blue. It doesn't appear you can buy this shade in Australia at the moment, but here's hoping.

A blowtorch. I'm convinced this missing piece of arsenal will fufill many cooking fantasies. creme brulee, charring capsicum, killing flies...the possibilities are endless.


Otto stovetop espresso maker. Beautiful to look at (so so shiny!), plus it makes killer coffee. Gotta love that.


Clear glass teapot. You can brew the exact shade of Pantone 167U to your heart's content, or watch a clever tea flower unfurl from within.

Georg Jensen salt and pepper mills. Again, it's all about aesthetic simplicity, sculptural elegance and function that gets this one on the list.


Cupcake Courier. An essential tool to carry cupcakes without squishing them on the way to work to bribe your colleagues, that xmas bbq, or perhaps if you're just a cupcake fiend.
They come in pastel colours and and carry up to 36 cupcakes in one go.


Alessi parrot corkscrew. Polly wanna glass of savignon blanc? Pop corks in style with one of these cute parrot corkscrews. Kooky kitchenware is always in fashion when it's Alessi.

Kyocera Mita black ceramic knife. It's black. It's diamond polished. It'll cut through pretty much anything. Those who've used a really good, sharp knife know how much easier it makes the preparation process. Those who don't know haven't lived.

(please note that none of these items are part of paid promotion, they are purely because I think they rock)


Christie @ fig & cherry said...

Great list! I got the glass tea pot for my birthday... would looove a blow torch for xmas, mmmmm, creme brulee.

(woops, put this comment on the wrong post too... sorry!)

riss said...

where can you get those cup cake carriers from?

melissa leong said...

If you click on the link, it takes you straight to the online store. They also list stockists in Sydney too.

Jimmy Dau said...

i've got the french oven but in royal blue....its tres nice

blow torch is definately the next on the list