Monday, 23 March 2009

old school butcher

Once upon a time, kids grew up knowing that meat came from an actual animal and didn't just magically appear in pre-packaged individual portions, wrapped in plastic and sitting in rows in the refrigerator case at the supermarket.

I found this video on coolhunting sharing the story of a great butcher in Williamsberg, New York where meat is treated the old fashioned way. Arriving to the shop as a full carcass, butcher Tom Mylan from Marlow and Daughters (love it...daughters!) cuts it in view of customers and explains his techniques. Customers can even do beef sashimi tastings to taste the quality of the meat before buying it. Now that's fresh!

It's great to see so much pride taken in keeping the traditions of old school butchers alive and also so see it shared with the customer so they're aware of the trip it takes from the farm to the plate.