Tuesday, 5 May 2009

it's all greek to me

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Greek food in Australia doesn't have nearly the presence its Mediterranean counterparts such as Italy or even Turkey and Spain enjoy, despite sharing the unified qualities of simple, clean-flavoured dishes with an emphasis on seafood, good quality olive oil and lots of fresh salad ingredients.

You probably recall at least one bad souvlaki incident in your past and more than one crap "Greek" salad, complete with rock-hard fetta (Greek fetta should be creamy and made of sheep or goat's milk) and old Kalamatta olives.

Maria Benardis is a woman on a mission to change all that. Her tour de force attitude and passion for smashing Greek cuisine myths (rather than plates) was showcased at a recent Greek Festival dinner, held at George's Bar and Grill in Sydney.

Intended to give punters a taste of ancient Greece, the meal focused on historically documented ingredients, methods and philosophies, taken into the new world by Benardis' keen eye and carefully honed palate to create a degustation not just focused on recreating history but demonstrating the new heights of modern Greek cuisine.

Yes, there was lamb, souvlaki and "Greek" salad, but these are interpreted Benardis' way:

Mastic, a ingredient cloaked in mystery for its healing and subtly eucalypt properties, is infused into prawns, and then wrapped in crisp, web-like kataïfi pastry.

Swordfish souvlaki is infused with fennel seeds and grilled, rendering it fall-apart tender. This is followed by delicately pink fetta-rubbed lamb with pomegranate peppered dressing.

Not satisfied with creating new dishes for her catering company, Benardis also runs a cooking school and a culinary tour through the country of her heritage. Her goal is to educate and share her encyclopaedic knowledge of Greek food and culture with anyone who takes their food seriously or just wants to know more.

Check out greekalicious.com.au. for the details and you'll be yelling 'Yasou!' in no time.

(image source: greekalicious.com.au)


Simon Food Favourites said...

mmmmmm would love to try that prawn dish
s :-)

Melissa said...

It was rather delicious. Couldn't really identify the Mastic but the Kateifi pastry is like birdsnest pastry in Chinese cooking. Crunch!

Simon said...

The first two pics look typically Greek but the last one was a real surprise.

I really like how the prawns were prepared wrapped in the kateifi. Is this typical Greek fare?

Melissa said...

I don't think this is typically Greek fare as Maria mentioned kateifi is normally used in sweets, rather than savoury dishes. I've seen Japanese do this before though..kinda like a Greek take on tempura..ish.