Tuesday, 23 June 2009

patchett's pies

Monday to Friday

7am to 3pm Sarah Street, Mascot
Phone: (02) 9667 3799
Fax: (02) 9317 3771

The guys at Patchett's Pies, really know their stuff. They should, having been at it for 27 years.

Started by Sue Patchett and now run by Dan, this little gem plays wholesale factory cum cafe, hidden away in a back street of Mascot. Food foragers should mark this one on their 'To Eat' list if you are at all inclined by way of pie.


Supplying to retailers around Sydney, such as David Jones food hall - it's possible you've tried them without knowing the true source (or is that sauce?) of pie goodness.


There are pies, and then there are pies. A few cornish pasties (Sue is a Yorkshire lass), empanadas and other exotic pastry varieties, but if you're after a true pie experience, start with the pork pie.


Made with a traditional flour and water crust, the pork filling is suspended in gelatine and is served cold. Pork pie virgins take heart - you will be coming back for more once you've tried it.


Pork pies aside, the chicken and leek pie is also a winner - subtle gravy, actual presence of leek and generous pieces of chicken encased in a flaky, buttery pastry that won't give way should you decide the knife and fork is superfluous.

Though it's worth the trip alone to be greeted with the cheerful ladies behind the counter, dolling out these delectable savoury pastries to the lunch crowd, starting at around $5 - you might as well grab a couple for the road, too.


Simon Food Favourites said...

great find. haven't heard of this place.

Howard said...

I love these hidden gems, top effort! The pork pie looks like a beast, yum.

rebecca said...

These pies are like these people have snuck a few live Angels underneath the pastry. Seriously Porky Angels, but something which could only have been created out of a small piece of heaven.

Unbelievably, they've started stocking them at Woolies, in Balmain at least, but I wish they'd stock the whole range. I had a look at the website range and they have ham&egg and chicken and leek, and veal. Sounds like something the Famous Five would take on a picnic, with lashings of Ginger Beer.
I WANT THEM! so I want the PP's people to try and circulate their whole range through Woolworth's so I don't have to deliver myself to David Jones.

I reckon, go the medium size pie if you find them. Out of the medium and small sizes it's the best deal, because if you remember your primary school maths, you'll know that a mouse has a greater surface area than an elephant, relative to it's size - ie: more skin to insides, for those who have forgotten. So with the medium pie you get more yum filling relative to pastry. Not that the pastry is not 'worth dying for and going to heaven and becoming an Angel and being turned into a Patchett's Pie material', but that the filling is even better.
Like.... 'forget porking and just eat a pork pie instead, material'.