Thursday, 8 October 2009

boon typhoon relief

Food; talking about it, eating it, preparing it, seeking it out - is such an indulgence, and one many of us take for granted, living in our comfortable first world existence.

To remind us of those less fortunate during the world's most recent attack of indigestion which has manifested itself in the form of typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis, Boon Chocolate have started a donation drive, with the help of Opportunity Australia, to help some of those affected by the typhoon in the Phillipines.

Alex from Creative Food tells us typhoon Parma swept through the northern Luzon hitting the rice granary area of the Philippines, meaning lots of crops have been destroyed. So far, they've managed to raise 3 tonnes of supplies in 6 days, however this is minute when it comes to what's needed to help locals cope with the devastation.

If you're in Sydney and can get to Darlinghurst, head along to:

Boon Chocolates, 251 Victoria St, Darlinghurst and make your contribution.

They're asking for:

- Tinned food
- Children's clothing
- Nappies and other baby care

Do it, and then perhaps reward yourself with one of their amazing hot chocolates (a win/win situation in my eyes) to warm you against the apparent blizzard visiting Sydney.


fooderati said...

Here's a lovely email I recieved from Alex at Boon:

Dear Melissa,

I have just saw your blog regarding our Flood Relief Program for Philippines.

Thank you very much for your support. This biggest flood in a century for Philippines has really affected us emotionally, especially after all of our effort in the Micro-finance program with Opportunity Australia. To see
400,000 people in shelters just before Christmas means abject poverty for them. We will concentrate more of our effort with Opportunity Australia,after this flood relief program is over. All relief goods will be sent to
Red Cross Philippines, Gawad Kalinga, and Rotary International. It will be fully documented and photos will be taken to ensure products reach the destination.

We heard from the news that they are doing a "lottery" on the relief goods since there is not enough for everybody (in Pasig City) (see email below)

Local food supermarket has not even allowed me to purchase bulk pallet goods at a discounted price so what we have to do now is to use "people power" to achieve our goals.

Thank you for being a kind soul in reaching out to our need. It will never be forgotten.

Please find below the small effort that we have been doing.

Maraming Salamat. (Thank you).

Warm regards

Alex Chan

Trissa said...

Hi! Thanks for this post. I am from the Philippines and now living in Sydney. At first when I heard of the typhoon I felt so helpless (my parents still live there). It is so hard when you have friends and family in need and you can't help out. Luckily we have home insurance (our entire first floor was flooded) but there are many Filipinos who are not so lucky.

I am so happy to see institutions like Boon helping out.

Thank you for posting this and giving attention to it.