Tuesday, 17 November 2009

pop up bars

It certainly seems as though the pop-up bar phenomenon has well and truly landed in Sydney, threatening to make the bar scene just a little more interesting (if only temporarily).

7 Meter Bar

Where: Underwood Street, Sydney
When: Tuesday to Friday 4pm - 11pm till the end of Sydney Festival in Jan 2010


A spin on the whole 'it's the end of the world as we know it', 7m (above sea level) bar is a collaboration between an artist, architect/gamer and landscape architect, which combines 'the landscape of weather, an architecture of catastrophe and the technology of games'.

Basically, it's the bar at the end of the world. You'll experience everything from interactive weather projections that build in ferocity as the number of punters increases to drinking cocktails out of hot chip cups and jam jars with names like CFC and Rusty Chain.

It's an eclectic crowd, with real grown ups from the financial district as well as the cool kids who make grunge chic look cooler than the first time around. Leave your pretenses and Manolos at home.

image reference for 7m bar

Kings Vault


Where: 20 McLachlan Avenue, Darlinghurst
When: Wed 18 and 25 Thursday 19 and 26, Friday 27 November

Those old enough to remember the bad old days of rave culture might remember receiving an email or text message on the day of a party, so only the dedicated could find it and the police would take longer to work out what was up.

Kings Vault isn't quite 'BYO glow sticks' but with this week's launch location being sent out on the day, via email and text, there was a certain nostalgia among the crowd.

Lauching with prosecco, that favourite Italian sparkling best consumed with copious amounts of oysters someplace sunny, was the tipple of choice on the launch but as the bar progresses, the Kings Vault kids will focus on other lesser-known-to-the-Aussie-market varietals including sangiovese, verduzzo barbera and pinot grigio (though I'm pretty sure PG outshone the old Savvy Blanc last summer).

And, because one must never drink on an empty stomach, make sure you order one of their brilliant cheese (Jill Dupleix digs on the muscatels) or charcuterie boards.

image: where is kings vault?



Where: Forecourt of Customs House
When: Thursday 19 - Sat 21 November 2009
(lunch 12pm - 3pm. dinner/drinks 5pm - 9pm)

Stoneleigh's bid to be Sydney's wine brand of the summer is certainly off to a cool start, with the launch of their new portable wine lounge.

Stoneleigh claims to be taking the ‘pop-up’ bar concept to an entirely new level and I'd tend to agree. The grungy industrial nature of the bar stops at the fact that it's constructed from a 40 foot shipping container. The Kelvin Ho and Jeremy Bull designed structure comes with it's own wine garden and chic seating for starters as well as a 'stone wall' held in by wire mesh to form the bar. Just don't put your feet up on the glass topped cane tables...

On offer will be the wine brand's favourite picks for the summer like the crowd pleasing pinot noir and Sydney staple sauvignon blanc while you take in the post-work crowd and watch the sun go down.

Info reference: 4bars.com.au


Simon Food Favourites said...

cool post. went to 7m bar this week. looks interesting but felt like a homeless person in a laneway hehe. your links to kings vault and 4bars don't seem to be working but they look like a much nice place to have a drink. :-)

melissa leong said...

Thanks Simon...linked fixed. Thank you for always leaving a comment..I really appreciate the feedback! Everyone else...comment away! x fooderati