Wednesday, 30 December 2009

new years hangover cures

(as heard on FBI Radio)

Ancient remedies from around the world include a pair of pickled sheeps eyes in tomato juice courtesy of our friends in Outer Mongolia, while ancient Greeks favoured fried canaries. Rub lemon on your armpits before you party, and some Puerto Ricans say you might avoid a hangover altogether.

Enlisting the help of the twitterverse to contribute their best hangover solutions, here are some sworn-by solutions:

@Adrienne_V: Trident Hot & Spicy soup! The blue and red packet, with 3 sachets, flavour, chilli oil and chilli flakes. Always on hand.

..This may work based on the idea that as chilli speeds up the metabolism, helping to purge the alcohol from your system faster. Or perhaps it'll just have you running for the loo...

@rolyatoj: medley of beverages - apple juice, coke and water, or miso soup. Almost always works for my hangovers...

..Rehydration is important. (Though I wonder what it would taste like to do all of the above in one sitting.)

@emmajapan: My Mum swears by frankfurts and sauerkraut with chilli and mustard.

..As sauerkraut is high in vitamin C and helps assist the body with keeping a healthier acid-alkaline balance, the mix of the fatty frankfurt goodness, vitamin-rich sauerkraut and metabolism-accelerating chilli could just be a winner.

Given that chefs are notorious for partying on, surely there are some pearls of wisdom to be shared:

Melbourne's Coda Restaurant head chef Adam D'Sylva swears by coconut water, while Jared Ingersol's trusted hangover cure of coffee, poached eggs and bacon hash might not break any gastronomic boundaries, but his experience of living with a Canadian who swore by a 'red eye', a drink made from a can of clamato juice (clam & tomato juice) beer and a raw egg..well, let's just say I don't think it'll quite make 14.5 points on the Good Food Guide.

U.S chef and food writer Anthony Bordain's suggestion to “Roll a really good joint and huff that before you get out of bed. Then have a cold Coca-Cola. Then have something like cold Kung Pao chicken or some very spicy leftovers. The trilogy of opulence.” is probably more palatable than a 'red eye', and is also an excuse to keep constant supplies of leftover Hunanese food from Kensington's Chairman Mao (details and location here) in the refrigerator.

On a more legitimate scientific front, Korean researchers claim that the humble asparagus might just be the next super hangover food. Based on the concept that our long green friends are high in the amino acids that stimulate the two key enzymes that assist the body in metabolising alcohol (if you care to know, these are called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH)).

Whether you're reaching for an asparagus sambo, a bamboo steamer of siu mai at yum cha..or perhaps another round of drinks, the verdict may be out on fail-proof hangover remedies but at least (for most of us), we know there'll probably be another hangover or two on the horizon in which to test out new theories.