Thursday, 25 February 2010

buffet, the hunger slayer

Huge hunks of fried cheese bread, croutons and horror of horrors...bacon bits! This week, Shag has requested a food topic near and dear to our child-of-the-80s hearts, the buffet and more specifically, the Sizzler buffet.

Mere mention of the word conjures charactures of overweight Americans with little pig noses shovelling food down, trough-style while the a la carte diners look on in horror.

These days, buffets are a more civilised affair, but a more rare occurance - the best examples of which can be found in hotels.

Stamford Hotels

O'Riordan St
Mascot NSW 2020
(02) 9317 2200

This swanky family of hotels still knows how to put on a great buffet, with fresh produce, nery a crumb out of place and international culinary themes spread throughout the year.

Seafood lovers should head to the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport on Saturdays to get familar with the finger bowl and their seasonal cultural events, showcasing authentic food from far flung corners of the globe are worth checking out, too.

The Malaysian festival late last year turned up cooked-on-the-spot mi goreng, fish curries and sambal for days, with Indian, Indonesian and Chinese influences on show for the punters.

There's a Nepalese Food Cultural Festival running from the 5th - 11th of April, with a Cajun and Creole food fest to come in July.


559 Hume Highway

Cnr Campbelltown & Harbord Roads

Cnr Princes Highway & Jubilee Avenue

Yes, they still exist! Though not in as many locations as their buffet hey-day in the early 90's, Sizzler may be a dwindling species, but the salad bar, complete with wedges, pasta and pumpkin soup is still cranking away. The $21.00 price tag for the salad bar may have changed, but the ubquitous 'shrimp fry' and prawn cutlets look exactly the same as the time you splashed out and ordered from the *gasp* a la carte menu.

Mandarin Oriental
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594
6338 0066

How does a buffet that includes French champagne, martinis, foie gras and seafood for days grab you? Well, those of you who know something about the Mandarin Oriental's reputation for extreme opulence and their no-expense-spared approach to the hotel trade, will expect nothing less than the best, when it comes to le buffet.

Starting at SG $118 (thats around AUD $94) for all you can consume seafood, French champagne and more, Singaporeans really do know how to do Sunday brunch, mack-daddy style.