Monday, 8 March 2010

one litre of coffee?

Watching the Colbert Report recently, there was mention of a new Starbucks drink size in the USA: the Trenta. Normally, Fooderati wouldn't bother with discussing coffee sacrilege, but when the coffee is an epic, nerve-hacking 32 ounces...or 946.35295 mls of (dodgy at best) coffee, one needs to say...WTF?

Starbuck's attempt at The Big Gulp, there's no question that anyone actually needs to consume close to a litre of coffee, and considering the vendor, it's surprising to most that people actually want to, either. Ick.

Image from here.


Simon Food Favourites said...

OMG. i'm not a huge coffee drinker so this would probably overload for me :-)

yewenyi said...

But what is the actual coffe content? Is it watered down?

Betty said...

1 litre ?? wow :s