Friday, 16 April 2010

best of the west

Living in metro-Sydney, it's very easy to forget our surburban sisters and brothers and the fantastic food finds that can be had. We're going to focus on the wild wild west today on FBI Radio, with three random places you should check out if you're out that way.

The Dutch Shop (Holland House)
85 Market Street, Smithfield

It's pretty random to find the above, at the end of an industrial road at the back of Smithfield, but manager Monique says that The Dutch Shop is "More Dutch than Holland" and it's quite possible she's right. Walk into this gabled shop and mind you don't bump your head on the clogs hanging from the ceiling.

From salted liquorice to marzipan shaped pigs, bottles of picked red cabbage, Dutch carrots and beans, you'll find something interesting to take home as a souveneir. There's a large Indonesian population in Holland and a lot of Dutch speaking Indonesians, thanks to the Dutch East India Company who traded spices all those years ago, so you'll find packets of spice mixes for Nasi Goreng and other authentic dishes...wrapped in strange Dutch language packaging.

Pick up rookwurst and butter from the fridge, and there's a frozen section, too, but the gold here is the lollies to your right as you walk in, and the cafe out the back, making traditional Dutch food.

Olympic Deli and Butcher
41 Old Town Plz, Bankstown, NSW, 2200
(02) 97901669

Smack bang in the middle of little Vietnam - Old Bankstown Square - you'll find a fantastic Greek deli and butchery that's been there since 1956. Run by the same family ever since, daughter Joanne runs the place now but her dad still picks the meat that gets made into 50 year old recipe Greek Cypriot Red Wine sausages, smoked hams, speck and Polish sausages. Taste Joanne's house marinated Kalamata and green olives and the butcher sells goat meat, which is popular with the Greek community.

Bele Fruit & Vegetable Shop
95 John St
Cabramatta NSW 2166
(02) 9754 1936

We don't talk much about fruit and veggie shops, but this one is definitely worth checking out - if you're curious about Asian greens and fruits, the guys here are really helpful with translations and reccomendations on what to do with all this good looking produce. From Rau Dang (bitter herb, which you can use like rocket in a salad or pasta) to Penniwort (which we're told is great for all manner of health ailments including arthritis), there's a heap of interesting finds and best of all, just to the left of the arcade that leads you to Bele, you'll find one of the best bakeries for Banh Mi (Vietnamese pork rolls) in the suburb. Ask for extra chilli and enjoy that crunchy fresh bread and pate porky goodness.


Paul said...

Thanks I only caught the end of your spot and thought you were talking about Jakarta. This is much closer