Tuesday, 13 April 2010

fooderati in the pr report

Almost twelve months on from Fooderati's inception as a PR business, there have been many highs (two client covers of Good Living, ACA, Sunrise, Gourmet Traveller feature, TOYS) and lows (sleepless nights, guests lists and soaring petrol costs), so it's nice to share a win occasionally.

I caught up with the PR Report a few weeks ago to talk food, new clients and (my parent's favourite question) what exactly is it that I do.

Read the story here, page 12.


Simon Food Favourites said...

that's a big PR report but i think they need some layout design. well done on your article. you've certainly achieved a lot in a very short time. does this mean you get free macarons from Zumbo the Great Patisserie?

Amanda said...

First check your self to put any things in your mouth

Opinionated Ophelia said...

Hi Melissa
As a fellow PR practitioner, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how best to increase awareness about my new client, an up and coming chef, from a PR perspective particularly focusing on social media. Thanks

Opinionated Ophelia said...
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