Friday, 9 April 2010

petersham on a plate

Doing research for my chapters in The Foodies' Guide to Sydney has had its ups and downs over the past few months. Lots of getting lost in strange suburbs, brilliant characters and plenty of language barriers.

I took to the streets of Petersham to tackle the finer points of bacalhau, chorizo and smoked paprika yesterday, which led me to today's Friday Delicious on FBI Radio.

Spanish Portuguese Butcher
83 New Cantebury Road
9569 3573

Owner Orlando is a bit of a charmer and he's always flattered when people ask him about the products that he makes at his butchery at the tail end of New Cantebury Road. It's a great place to pick up pig's trotters, Portuguese spiced prosciutto (rubbed with chilli paprika), morcela (smoked blood sausage), goat and suckling pig. If you get stuck for recipes, Orlando is more than happy to help you there, too.

Sweet Belem Cake Boutique
35B-C New Cantebury Road

Portuguese custard tarts. Boom. Not that this is all they do well here - in fact the Lisbon bread, bijou cakes and savouries are pretty brilliant too. The tip though, if you want to have the best experience possible when it comes to those awesome tarts is to come on Saturday - be prepared to wait...and watch them come straight out of the oven, dusted in aromatic cinnamon powder, they'll (and I hate this term) melt in your mouth (but in this case, it's true).

Set up came across the road at the Portuguese Chicken shop to stop the hunger pangs and head there for dessert.

Charlie's Deli
37 New Cantebury Road
9560 4037

Sam, the brother in the sibling trio that runs this little piece of old-school deli action is a bit of a football fanatic. But thankfully, he's also pedantic about stocking his deli with all kinds of Spanish and Portuguese products that keep the local population - and out of towners happy.

Come here for spices from that region, including smoked paprika, delicate saffron threads, plus their excellent proscuitto and chorizo. Don't leave without some bacalhau - that famous salt dried cod fish, best known for being made into crumbed balls and eaten with aioli. Yum.


Simon Food Favourites said...

the new foodies book sounds great. something to compete with the SMH Good Food Guide perhaps? so does La Patisserie and Petersham Charcoal Chicken and Silvas Portuguese Chicken shops get a mention?

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