Friday, 28 May 2010

eating challenges

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It takes a special sort of person to take up an extreme eating challege. Stomach size, determination and supreme discomfort thresholds are clearly important gifts to have, if you are one of these chose few. After our humble host Shag's question about preparing for eating competitions (don't starve yourself, drink water slowly), I've done some digging to find Sydney's most infamous extreme eating challenges. Knives, forks and chopsticks at the ready...


There are two ramen rather well known ramen challenges in Sydney, one belonging to Surry Hill's Komachi and the other to the Menya chain of ramen joints.

While there are no stats to be found on exactly how much Komachi thows at punters, the one fact that remains is that over 128 people have attempted it and only 12 have succeeded.

The challenge: Finish the huge bowl of pork broth ramen within 60 minutes and you not only get the meal for free, but you also receive a $50 voucher to spend at the restaurant (probably another time, though..). You lose, you pay $50 for the honor of attempting the challenge.

1/426 Cleveland St
Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
(02) 9319 6554

Over at Menya:

The Menya Ramen Godzilla Challenge is four times the regular serving of a bowl of Menya ramen, meaning that if you succeed, you'll be consuming around 2kg of noodles and soup. If you win, you eat for free and if you lose, you cough up $29.90.

Shop TG8, 8 Quay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9212 1020

If huge slabs of meat are more your speed, then you're only 1kg of meat and 1L away from Austrian Schnitzelhaus glory.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Finish 1kg of schnitzel, chips and sauce, washed down with 1L of Erdinger weissbier or Stiegl beer within 1 hour. Cost $50. Finish under the record time of 17 minutes: Winner.

And what do you get if you finish?

- Free dessert (because you'll need it after that ordeal)
- A t-shirt (XL and XXL sizes available only?)
- A shot of schnapps (to re-start your heart)
- Your mug on the wall of fame and on the website (so everyone will know what a truly fabulous specimin of humanity you really are).

Contestants must:

- Consume the food on the plate, except garnish is to be eaten (yes, but do you lose points if you eat the garnish?)
- Finish the meal on your own. No sharing.
- Finish without throwing up.
- Finish the beer

Austrian Schnitzelhaus
163 Victoria Rd
Gladesville NSW 2111
(02) 9816 1036

The Fooderati Challenge: The first person to prove they achieved complete food domination over one of the above challenges within the next 7 days will win an awesome Fooderati prize from the foodie cupboard! Email your proof to


Tina said...

Very Man vs. Food :) I like

Marcus said...

So typical of Sydney. We don't have any of that here in Melbourne and damn prud of it. We pride ourselves on food

Kasarn Designs said...

If you're in Newcastle, Australia, Cardiff Panthers' Man v Cow Challenge Commences Friday 12 August 2011.Complete a full meal, including a 1.2KG Steak plus 500g chips & a sprig of parsley, unassisted in one sitting, cooked no more than medium! Diners who finish the challenge will have their photo added to our “Hall of Fame” in the club & on Facebook. They will also receive a Certificate.Plus diners will receive a free SUPER CHALLENGE T-shirt, Certificate & $20 Bistro Voucher if they finish in 30 minutes! The cost to participate is $35 for members & $40 for non-members.