Tuesday, 6 July 2010

australian ham week

 Almost everyone loves pork, even if they don't admit it. There are entire websites devoted to all kinds of pork products - Bacon Today's daily dose of cured pork products is an online mecca for lovers of the salty stuff, while more than one chef has the St John Restaurant logo's pig tattooed on them.

So it comes to no surprise that National Ham Week is upon us - this week, the best in Australia will go leg to leg, to decide who does the best ham in the country.

Last night, Kings Cross French supper club Aperitif (it's reputed that the best hams historically came from Gaul) hosted the launch for Ham Week, with head chef Derek Baker hamming it up with a host of canapes including Jambon Glacé au Caramel, Soupe au Jambon & Petits Pois, Croque Monsieur, Croquettes de Jambon, Croûtes à La Diable and Terrine de Jambon.

Porkstar's prince of pork Mitch Edwards quite literally carved it up, serving some of the award winning ham with cornichons, sourdough and Échiré butter.

And the winner is: Barkly Smokehouse, Preston Vic for best overall ham in Australia.

While Ham Week is designed to have a bit of fun and celebrate the noble beast, it's also important to know how you tell if you're buying Australian ham: Look for the pink Pork Mark sticker when you're shopping, plus remember this little diddy: "If it's on the bone, it's one of our own."


Simon Food Favourites said...

that glazed ham was sooooo goood!. i'll have to remember to try for xmas lunch :-)

Charles said...

pork and mecca in the same line..lol
I love mi some jamon!

Charles said...
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