Friday, 21 January 2011

Australia Day foods

With the silly season under our belts (and in some cases, spilling over said belts), it's time to celebrate the next great bludge day public holiday, Australia Day. Forget the politics for a minute and think about the food. There's the great Aussie barbecue, there's Vegemite...and of course, there's beer.

In the lead up to Australia Day, here are a few iconic Australian sweets we couldn't live without, and why.

1. Lamingtons

With or without cream and jam? The jury’s still out on whether the humble lamington should contain that squishy layer of cream and raspberry jam, but whichever way you look at it, there’s always golden sponge, dipped in chocolate and coconut. Bird Cow Fish’s owner and head chef Alex Herbert thinks simple is best; with her combination of old school sponge cake, real cocoa-based icing, a layer of strawberry jam, and long thread coconut. Find her treats at Eveleigh Markets this weekend.

Everleigh Markets: 243 Wilson Street, Redfern.

2. Monaco Bars

When these babies were discontinued, people were outraged. There were tears. There were recriminations. There was more than one petition to bring them back. Americans have been familiar with the ice cream sandwich for decades, but Monaco Bar was really the first of its kind to charm Australians, with its chewy biscuit exterior and creamy ice cream centre. Like all classics, it's the simplicity of ingredients that makes it such a wonderfully elegant classic. Thank god they brought them back.

3. Tim Tams

When it comes to comfort food, there are few Australians who would knock back the offer of  Tim Tam, especially when living overseas. In cold weather, these are best consumed in the style of the 'Tim Tam Straw', where you take a bite out of diagonal corners and use it to sip tea (English Breakfast, white) through. In summer, they're best stored in the fridge (and consumed standing in front of it).

Honorable mentions:

Golden Gaytime, Redskins, red and green frogs, Iced Vovos and Bubble-O Bill


foodieandthechef said...

I vote for Bubble-O Bill, there's something wonderful about getting two sweets in one. That ice cream defined my childhood.