Friday, 28 January 2011

food as art

With chefs like Rene Redzepi (Noma, Denmark), Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz, Spain) and Alexandre Gauthier (Grenouillere, France), and in Australia Mark Best (Marque Restaurant), Dan Hunter (The Royal Mail Hotel) and Brent Savage (The Bentley Bar) in the world, the line between what is food and what is art gets really fuzzy. It looks great, but but does it taste good? In most cases the answer is a resounding 'yes', though there is the question of whether you're substituting 'art' for 'soul'.

Regardless, here are a couple of instances where you can decide for yourself:

Food Networks Exhibition

When you think of art exhibitions, you probably think of free booze, but not usually food. Presenting a show, curated by Sydney artist Michelle Helene, in a brand new exhibition space, the show features works by directors and founders of well known galleries in Sydney like Locksmith and Verge. This group show presents the idea of food as art featuring real food installations and multi medium art to convey social commentary about popular culture and food...and the opening night (tonight!) also includes an edible live performance (hellooooo fairy bread!).

PSH@Anyplace Gallery, 118 Terry Street, Rozelle, 28th January 6-8pm. 

...those unfamiliar with this space will quickly work out that it's several doors down from Adriano Zumbo's HQ, so why not drop by on your way to the show?

Food on the web

It's interesting to see how such a sensual medium can be so popular on the web - while a great forum for sharing ideas, is largely divorced from the senses that we relate to when it comes to food.

There are a heap of websites out there showing off the work of artists who use food as their sole medium, for example the butter sculpture above.

Jim Victor is a sculptor from Philadelphia, USA, whose site shows off a selection of his work and work by colleagues, using mediums like butter, chocolate, cheese and vegetables to create amazing works of (edible) art.

I doubt many of you spend as much time making your lunch to take to work as Sakurako Kitsa. Despite not being Japanese, Sakurako is a writer and artist who creates her lunchbox.
Featuring everything from blue rice to green-tree frogs made out of apple, this is edible art at its cutest.

Designious Times also has a great link to food art photography, too. 

Bacchus Newcastle

You know about The Bentley Bar, Quay and Marque, but just north of Sydney, there's Bacchus. Headed up by chef Tim Montgomery, who has done time behind the burners at The Bather’s Pavilion in Sydney and The Manse in Adelaide, Bacchus treads the fine line between art and food with balance and poise. With dishes like Yellowfin tuna, remoulade, quail egg, lemon and green olive (pictured), this food is testament to the fact that just because something looks pretty, doesn't mean it lacks depth or flavour conception. Worth the drive. 

141 King Street, Newcastle, New South Wales, 2300  


Jenny said...

I'm all for the artistic creations of food (admire it, certainly) and while I don't feel as though the chefs at hand lack any "soul" when producing said dishes, many diners do. I've come across plenty of people who, because of the current fashion in molecular gastronomy and all such similar things, 'regular', hearty, rustic food gets turned away because they think those dishes are no longer worthy or representative of good food! That does make my blood boil (actually I'm in the midst of writing a piece ranting about the topic).

That said, I deeply appreciate all manner of foods, high-end or 'lower'-end (but usually more of the latter).


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