Monday, 14 February 2011

Ultimo's Coffee Mecca

[press release]

Ultimo’s growing café scene is set to add another member to the fold, with CBD coffee masters Mecca Espresso, moving into the neighbourhood this February.

MECCA ESPRESSO HARRIS STREET offers an all encompassing coffee experience from fine rich espresso made using Mecca’s signature Dark Horse blend, to direct-sourced single origins brewed via Clover, siphon or pour over. A wide range of beans to take home and expert advice. In this new space, owner and purveyor of the dark arts, Paul Geshos has created an allencompassing coffee experience for aficionados and novices alike:

Introducing a coffee education and demo space, which will host regular master classes and tastings that pair the unique and unusual with coffee, including raw milk cheese, charcuterie and single origin chocolate, amongst others.

Coffee enthusiasts can learn how to get the best out of their coffee at home, using the latest brewing techniques: Whether it’s pour over, siphon, Aeropress or plunger (French press), Geshos and his talented team will show you how to get the best out of your single origin custom roast. The in-store hardware includes La Marzocco Espresso machines; a Clover, Hario (Japan) siphons, as well as a pour over bar, so caf-fiends can get their fix on the latest and greatest. The beans on offer are selected by Geshos, himself at the source - a result of regularly bouncing around the globe, from Ethiopia to Panama, Kenya to Colombia and back, searching out the best in the business.

Soak up the caffeine with something seasonal from the café menu, or pick up a freshly harvested bag of single origin beans for home, as well as the accoutrement (including Hario siphons and kettles, Kone drip filters and the unique Aeropress) to get the job done.

The new space on Harris Street showcases Mecca’s seed to cup philosophy and commitment to excellence, serving the world’s finest coffees, brewed the finest equipment by baristas passionate about their craft.

Mecca Espresso, 646 Harris Street, Ultimo. Monday – Saturday 7am – 4pm. P: 9280 4204 W: