Saturday, 11 June 2011

the bird is the word

When it comes to ordering off the menu, its highly unlikely that I'll order the chicken or the fish. Mainly because I'm generally more interested in things with deliciously fatty layers, like pork belly or a really marbled piece of beef. The tides are changing, however, with a greater variety of poultry on menus these days...there's duck of course, but more interestingly, quail and pheasant, too.

Here are a couple of dishes around town you should try, if you want to get your bird on:


Surry Hills diner Bistrode has long been known for rustic dishes, bold flavours and a cute dining space with a tonne of character and brilliant service. On the winter menu, you'll find a starter of tea-smoked quail with black bean and ginger, as well a main of duck leg with water spinach, bean curd and noodles.

478 Bourke St
Surry Hills New South Wales 2010
(02) 9380 7333

Grasshopper Eathouse and Bar

Pheasant is really rare on menus...mostly because it's hard to get, expensive and super lean, making it a more challenging bird to cook. City small bar and food gem Grasshopper is part of the new breed of CBD restaurant fighting the good fight and creating intimate, fun spaces to hang out in. Pheasant regularly features on the blackboard specials menu, especially throughout the cooler months, and they also do a cracking quail dish, too.

Pheasantly speaking...

Glass Brasserie and Est. also feature pheasant on occasion as a special, so look out!

Grasshopper Eating house and bar
Temperance Lane
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9947 9025

Spatchcock. Ok, so in most cases spatchcock in Sydney is a small chicken rather than another small game bird, but what makes it a spatchcock is the method of taking out the spine and flattening it for the grill or bbq. Bar H in Surry Hills does a great one with  radicchio, bread, parsley & anchovy vinaigrette.

...and if you really want a chicken dinner, you had better make sure it's a good chook. Redfern's Eathouse Diner uses Barossa Farm chickens for their Southern-style fried chicken which is steamed then coated in a spiced flour mix, then fried and served with slaw and salad cream. Yum!

Bar H Surry Hills
80 Campbell Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9280 1980

The Eathouse Diner
306 Chalmers Street
Redfern NSW 2016
(02) 8084 9479