Friday, 12 August 2011

nourishing foods

When it all gets a little indulgent, it's time to rebalance by focus on the kind of food that's geared towards being good to your system, instead of punching you in the gut (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Nourishing Quarter

On a dining strip that's more well known for meat and booze, it's nice to see that Nourishing Quarter is constantly full of people. Like the name implies, it's all about food that's not only ethically sourced and carefully chosen, it's also really good for you. Featuring ingredients like quinoa grains, chia seeds incorporated into Vietnamese wraps, monastic spring rolls and quinoa congee, there's a South American and Asian flavour in the cooking, which sounds like a strange combination, but works surprisingly well.

315 Cleveland Street

The Suveran

The Suv's menu keeps growing, with an extensive list of soups, burgers, craps (that's crêpe with a German accent, apparently), pizzas and stews that are all soy, dairy, gluten, flour, yeast, tap water, sugar..and nightshade (?!) free. Thank god it's not meat free though, their meaty stews (eat in or handily packaged up to take home) are hearty, rich and aromatic. There are also young coconuts (you put the lime in the coconut) a go-go and supercharged smoothies sure to give you a healthy jolt.

244 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction

Bodhi in the Park

21 years later, this vegan, Asian yum cha joint situated in Hyde Park is still going. While 'vegan' and 'yum cha' may sound like a contradiction, the result is a remarkably good one. No, there are no chicken feet or pork products, two of the hallmarks of any truly great yum cha session, but the steamed beetroot and ginger dumplings, Japanese konyaku noodle in spice tom yum sauce and steamed bbq buns are all winners. Think of it as detox yumcha, where most of the ingredients are organic.

Lower Mezzanine Level of Cook and Philip Park
2-4 College St Sydney
Between St Mary’s Cathedral and the swimming pool
Yum Cha 11am-4pm 7 days
Dinner 5pm-10pm Tue-Sun