Monday, 5 September 2011

bread for good

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Helen Greenwood started a campaign in aid of UNICEF's efforts to help the two million starving children in East Africa. To help is so very simple. 

Restaurants: All it requires it to encourage customers to donate $2 or more when ordering bread, for just one week. 

Diners, foodies: A donation, passing on the news, or just your support on Twitter is awesome.

Below is a note from Helen, please read, absorb, act and pass it on.

We're so very lucky to have such small worries in comparison to whether our children or friend's children will survive the day, so I hope this communication falls on compassionate ears. 

The Horn of Africa is witnessing the worst drought and the worst famine in the world at the moment.

I know that Australians who are living in the horn of plenty can help.

So that’s why I came up with the Bread For Good campaign.

Restaurateurs will ask their diners to donate for their bread for one week and the money will go to UNICEF to help two million children facing starvation in East Africa.

From September 16,  diners can donate $2 for the bread they order in a restaurant and that donation will provide a child  with three therapeutic meals.  

This campaign is an initiative by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and is being supported by editorial and advertising.

Go to to register and be involved. Follow the campaign on #breadforgood and twitter breadforgood.

Almost 12.4 million people, more than half the Australian population, are affected by the devastating crisis.

 A child is dying every 6 minutes.

We need the support of restaurateurs like you to make a tremendous difference in those children’s lives.

Helen Greenwood
Good Living writer and journalist, The Sydney Morning Herald