Friday, 2 December 2011

3 food books for christmas

It's December already - a notion that renders people confused as to what the hell just happened with the year and how it could possibly be Christmas in 23 days time. Each year, people make a commitment to getting all their Christmas shopping out of the way early and each year, people are still scrambling to get their shopping done on Christmas eve.

If you're a keen bean and are already powering your way through the 'nice' list, here are a few cookbook ideas for the cook in your life:

Heston At Home

Just dropping in book stores around the country at the moment, it's safe to say not many people have a copy of this new tome by the sultan of strange science-y food, Heston Blumenthal. Don't worry, you don't need a bunsen burner to carry out these recipes, just common sense and a keen palate for flavour. What's great about this book is that it covers the basics beautifully - the kind of things that, if you get right, make a meal great instead of good. Things like how to nail the perfect stock, right through to those famous triple cooked potato fries. Not only that, but it explains why things work the way they do. A brand new kitchen essential.

$65.00, out through Bloomsbury in all good book shops.


Recently, industry legend Neil Perry put out his very beautiful, heavy, sexy looking Rockpool Bar & Grill book. All to often, cook books are beautiful, heavy things to admire from afar, but live more often on a coffee table than in a kitchen. More than a cook book, Rockpool Bar & Grill is a collected tome of essential information about produce, how and why to cook it like it should be cooked but most of all, it makes you want to get into the kitchen and give it a go. The photography is pared back, simple and moody, and, like Heston At Home, it takes the essential information about what makes food good and makes it accessible for the home cook. Yes, the recipe for the famous David Blackmore wagyu burger is in there, but it's the simple things like recipes for anchovy butter, stocks and mayo that'll become kitchen staples for life.

$79.95, out through Murdoch Books

Great, Grand & Famous: Champagnes

The next part in the Great, Grand & Famous series, this bubbly little number is great for anyone who wants to know just what makes Champagne the king of all sparkling wines and why Champagne is only Champagne if it's from Champagne. Curated by a couple of Champagne experts including Twitter's @champagnejayne, it's a journey into the stories of the great Champagne houses, the people who helped make it great and the science and artistry behind it all. A beautiful coffee table book full of vintage art and popular culture moments where the bubbles were the 'the thing'.

$80.00, out through Arbon Publishing