Friday, 27 January 2012

bar bar black sheep

If we said it one last year, it was said a thousand times: small bars - they're awesome. Also, they're everywhere. And while it does beg the question 'when will the bubble burst', let's tuck that question under the carpet for now and just focus on all the good things they represent: individuality, variety and fun.

Here are 3 new places to check out this Australia Day long weekend:

Tio's Cerveceria

Last year, we went on about The Baxter Inn, that hidden away little gem in a basement somewhere on Clarence Street in the city. Well, the guys that brought you this and their trailblazing first album, Shady Pines bring you more "I don't give a damn"-ness in their latest place, Tio's. A charmingly dishevelled, rough and tumble bar, slotted between interior style haven Spence & Lyda and The Hollywood pub in Surry Hills, it's filled with Mexican Catholic kitsch, loud music, fistfuls of chilli popcorn and a shedload of tequila and beer. The place to visit for a hard drink in a dark bar, where the service is friendly, but the hangovers are not: prepare to get rowdy.

4 Foster Street
Surry Hills

The Roosevelt

Those who are serious about their cocktails have had Eau De Vie's address firmly fixed in their hearts and on their credit card bills for quite some time now. Having developed this reputation for knowing their shit, owners Sven Almenning and Graham Ette have created yet another perfectly formed cocktail palace in the shape of The Roosevelt in Potts Point. Featuring all things Forties, you can expect a lot of style and a whole lot of showmanship in this bar-cum-restaurant, where cocktails are matched to food by chef David Leitzen, an import with a world of fine dining experience.

Frock up and step out, Sydney.

32 Orwell Street
Potts Point
5pm - Midnight, 7 days

Mr Falcon's

Those with less coin or perhaps just a more relaxed approach to going out should check out Mr Falcon's in Glebe. The evening scene has perked up a bit in recent years with a host of bars and quality eats cropping up, and Mr Falcon's fits into the small bar scene with all the relaxed ease of a well loved pair of jeans. Featuring a respectable boutique beer list, as well as cocktails aplenty, there's a lot to love about the thrown-together vintage furniture and chilled attitude. Cheap eats come in the form of classic comfort food - cheese toasties, even more cheese in the form of platters, mezze plates...and we're told (if you're lucky), fairy bread. Magic!

92 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
4pm - Midnight M-F
2pm - Midnight Saturdays
2pm - 10pm Sundays