Friday, 4 May 2012

breakfast, lunch and dinner

Quite simply, this week's FBi Radio broadcast is about those three very traditional mealtimes and who I think is kicking goals within those occasions.

Breakfast: Runcible Spoon's Thai-style Fried Eggs

Fried eggs with crispy edges, rich sunny yolk...and optional pork belly for breakfast...HELL YES. The space that used to be called Love #3 in the old biscuit factory building has been repurposed by chef Al and his team of breakfast bandits, with a tip of the cap to Edward Lear's Owl & The Pussycat.

Obscure literary references aside, there's nothing vague about this king of breakfast dishes. It's a filling dish featuring the aforementioned crispy fried egg sitting next to grainy rice, a nam-jim style vinaigrette, Asian salad and spicy sriracha. Add to it the optional crispy pork belly and you're one happy camper (though to most minds, there's nothing 'optional' about pork belly).

Runcible Spoon
27 Barr St
Camperdown NSW 2050

Little H for lunch

There's something about ordering food from a window that make you feel all nostalgic for the school canteen. You handed over your money, were given a brown paper bag..happy days. Bar H Surry Hills will go a small way to indulging tuck shop memories with Little H (though clearly a tad more sophisticated on the food front) - the takeaway lunch arm of the modern Asian eatery. Choose from steamed or crispy wontons, parcels of aromatic sticky rice and comforting chicken and sweet corn soup and more, all at modest lunchtime prices. Favourite? The Little H free range pork burger with fennel and mint.

Bar H Surry Hills
80 Campbell Street
Surry Hills

Dinner at 4Fourteen

Paddington's Four in Hand chef slash enfant terrible Colin Fassnidge is at it again, with his new project, 4Fourteen. Taking over the old Le Pain Quotidien space just up the road from the Cricketer's Arms on Fitzroy Street Surry Hills, 4Fourteen is an awesome looking space featuring distressed walls, design-forward fixtures and a wrap around bar looking into the kitchen for one hell of a theatrical meal setting.

Think dishes to share - from a cracking smoky mackerel dish to crispy pig tails, chicken wing tortillas and above, plump caramelised scallops with warrigal greens, it's food you want to eat - finessed a little, yes, but only to bring out winning flavour combinations and showcase brilliant produce. Opening just last night, expect a bum rush for the front door, but hold on, it'll be worth it.

A reasonable wine list and a solid selection of beers and ciders on offer too.*

fooderati attended the soft launch of 4Fourteen, in which a partial bill was issued to all diners in accordance with the restaurant's policy for this kind of event. Menu items may have changed since this time.

414 Bourke Street Street
Surry Hills (entrance on 72a Fitzroy Street)