Tuesday, 17 July 2012

the locavore edition, nsw

Previously confined to being a Victorian gem, the Locavore Edition, a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive guide to winning local food producers, places, people and things, is now about to grace New South Wales.

Helping consumers connect with their local food producers is the mantra here and the lovely editorial team at Locavored are looking for your help. As experts on the ground if you live in NSW or know a thing or two about the matter, help them include as many worthy nominees as possible by putting forward someone you think fits the bill.

Submit your business, or nominate someone else here. It's that simple!

To kick it all off, here are three local NSW producers worth keeping an eye out for:

Darling Mills Farm 

Supplying salad leaves, herbs and edible flowers to an array of restaurants in NSW, Darling Mills is based in Berilee, about an hour from Sydney. But you don't have to be a 3 hat wonder to get access to these beautiful looking specimens of produce, as they also can be found at several farmers markets around the city including Good Living Growers Markets in Pyrmont on the first Saturday of each month, Orange Grove Organic Markets every Saturday and Castle Hill Market on the second Saturday of each month.

darlingmillsfarm.com.au, (02) 9655 1339

Li Sun Exotic Mushrooms 

We've come a long way from having limited access to anything other than tinned champignon mushrooms and if you were lucky, fresh button mushrooms. These days, we're blessed with a cavalcade of options, from nutty Swiss Browns to Enoki, Pine and even Chantarelles. In a tunnel alongside Mt Gibraltar near Bowral, an old railway tunnel now gives life to a host of cultivated exotic mushrooms including Wood Ear, Oyster and Shimeji.

It's worth checking out if you are in the area and the Highlands Foodie Group run tours through the tunnels, the next one being on September 30. Click here for more info.

li-sunexoticmushrooms.com.au, (02) 4871 2879

Cornucopia Biodynamic Farm

The secret behind some of Sydney's best cafe breakfasts is right there, that neat little brown shell, all sunshine yellow yolks and whitest whites. Run by Kerry Marshall, the farm is dedicated to animal welfare and grow eggs and beef according to biodynamic farming principles.

Here, the birds roam freely during the day, eating whatever they like, from grubs and other wiggly things and organic grain, and shelter at night in their mobile homes, which are sheds that move around the farm encouraging a good distribution of fertiliser around the land.


For more winners from around the country, check out this year's winners from the Delicious Produce Awards, announced earlier this week.