Friday, 31 August 2012

3 new cookbooks to own

On the downhill slide to the end of the year, you start seeing more and more cookbooks being released. It's a no-brainer. They make perfect gifts for even the slightly food inclined, and here are three that have all been released in the past 3 weeks, worthy of bookshelves and coffee tables everywhere.

Pasta Artigiana by Nino Zocalli

Whether you've never made pasta, or you're obsessed with the stuff, Nino's first book will teach you something honest, achievable and fun about the subject. He's so into pasta that his restaurant Pendolino in Sydney's Strand Arcade has its own pasta making room, so you might say he's pretty much the best Australian chef to write a book about it.

The title says it all - from Simple to Extraordinary.

$50, Murdoch Books

A Sardinian Cookbook by Giovanni Pilu and Roberta Muir

That small, Mediterranean island near Corsica may have been largely poor, but what it lacks in paper, it more than makes up for in an abundance of natural produce, including wild boar, game birds aplenty, vegatation a-go-go, and a of course, a tonne of seafood. Hailing from this idyllic place on the map, chef Giovanni Pilu came to Australia with not a whole lot of English...but made up for it with a huge heart and a desire to celebrate the food of his homeland.

Together with Sydney Seafood School's Roberta Muir, he has written his first cookbook, peppered with stories from the island and plenty of delicious recipes to share with loved ones.

$49.99, Penguin Books

Diner by Andrew Levins

FBi radio's favourite DJ turned chef, Andrew Levins has made 'seeing what comes of things' into an artform. From producer to music manager, supporter of underpriveleged kids and now cook, who knew 2 years ago that Levins aka. Sleater Brockman, aka. the best photobomber we know, would have his very own cookbook? Launching tomorrow onto the unsuspecting masses, Diner shares the kinds of recipes Lev Dawg used to cook for ever growing backyard BBQs in the burbs, which grew to legendary proportions...and then into his very own diner, The Dip.

If you're stuck on what to cook for your next dinner with mates, I suspect you'll find more than just a little inspiration right here.

$35, New Holland