Friday, 22 February 2013

chui lee luk: in conversation

Want to know what chefs think? Most of the time, trust me, you probably don't. Where Chui Lee Luk* is concerned however, you're in safe hands. This one time lawyer-turned-chef is arguably one of Australia's most talented and intelligent chefs. Articulate, thoughtful and not afraid to say what she thinks, she will be appearing at Eveleigh's Carriageworks this Saturday with Aaron Seeto from Sydney's 4A Gallery, to explore sense memory and how it relates to food, as well as recollections from her hometown of Sabah in Malaysia, where she recently visited.

The catalyst for this talk is the incredible work by artist Song Dong. A collection of over 10, 000 objects from the artist's family home, it was conceived following the death of his father and represents his mother's process of mourning and remembrance. For those of you, like me, who witnessed the work without knowing the story behind it, this is a way of striking new meaning into this expansive piece, and perhaps, it'll allow you to reflect upon your own experiences of life, loss, and memory.

Where: Carriageworks (grab a Crooked Madam from @birdcowfish at the markets and head on in)
When: Saturday 23 February, 11-12pm
How much: FREE

More info:

The work
The gallery
The chef

*Chui Lee Luk and Claude's is a much loved and respected client of fooderati, though we'd be telling you to go and check this out regardless.