Monday, 15 July 2013

vignoramus: questions to ask a wine shop assistant.

As heard on FBi Radio:

Jason Hoy is a wine educator, wholesaler and grape juice pimp with over 24 years experience in the wine industry. He's worked for overseas n├ęgociants, managed bars and run fine wine retail stores, most notably Sydney's Ultimo Wine Centre for 10 years. Jason has specialised in peddling premium French, German and Australian wine and is a self-confessed Riesling hussy.

Last week on FBi, he shared with us three questions you should ask a wine shop person to give you the best chance of coming away with a bottle of something you'll like (even if you know nothing about wine):

1) Don't believe anything they say on face value. 

Judge the hell out of them... Don't believe anything they say on face value. Judge the hell out of them... 

Do they seem knowledgable?

Are they listening to you or do they have their own agenda?
 What is the agenda of the store you're in? (are they into a particular type, style or region of wine?)
Are they an independent store, or a large chain?
Do they even care about the appearance of the store they're in?

2) Ask them to match a wine with what you're doing... 

Ask them to match a wine with what you're doing...

Are you having dinner?
Are you sharing with friends?
Where are you eating?
What are you cooking?
Are you drinking it without food?

What they ask about you is almost more important as what they ask about the wine you want to drink!

3) Ask If they have anything local and where it's from. Whether they have one bottle or 100 - it's a great test of any NSW bottle shop. NSW is the biggest wine producer of Australia, producing 37% of all wine in this country.

Ask them to name three great wine regions of NSW. If they only name the Hunter Valley... ... R U N...


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