Friday, 9 August 2013

pop's not dead

A few years ago, one of the biggest dining trends alongside dude food, was pop up restaurants. We loved their 'here today, gone tomorrow' sensibility, the novelty of dining in random warehouse spaces (possibly illegally) and other heady, fleeting and exclusive qualities.
Now, they've grown up. A bit more semi permanent, a bit more commercial - lo-fi has been replaced with something a tiny bit more enduring...yeah, but no but. Here are 3 places to check out that follow the theme:

Urbanfoodmarket at Cafe Giulia
Cafe Giulia is like that old friend that never fails to make you feel comfortable, welcome and loved. A slightly newer friend, over in Marrickville is Urbanfoodmarket, purveyors of ethically sourced, sustainably-focused meat. The twain met, got on like a house on fire and the result is a food love-in that takes place each Friday and Saturday night at Cafe Giulia's Chippendale abode. The concept is genius- excess cuts leftover from selling to restaurants, are used in creative and inventive ways to provide diners with a menu that is not only delicious, but affordable and most importantly, sustainable - nothing is wasted. Dishes like Duck in a Cup with bacon, Brussels sprouts and pastry, and fresh chorizo, squid and white beans are hearty, seasonal and designed to share.

Cafe Giulia
92 Abercrombie St Chippendale NSW 2008
(02) 9698 4424
Cafe Paci
My memories of Cafe Pacifico, like most peoples, are filled with too many cheap tequila shots, some bad Mexican food...yet more cheap tequila shots. In a year and a half, the space is planned for demolition and in the meantime, something very special is about to happen. Chef Pasi Petanen, best known as being the head chef at 3 hat wonder Marque for the past few years has opened a short term restaurant (smart, given Sydney's short term memory for dining and preference for following the trends), serving up beautiful bistro-focused food, but knowing Pasi, always with a signature genius twist. Opening on Thursday, this is about as fresh meat as it comes, so check it out..while you can.

Cafe Paci
95 Riley St, Darlinghurst, NSW
02 9368 7000
Masterchef Dining
I don't do reality television. But when you know that the man behind setting up Masterchef's latest sideline project is Monty Koludrovic, AKA the gun chef who was last seen at 2 hat and highly acclaimed Becasse (he's also a TOYS collective member, like Pasi) - then it's definitely a project worth checking out. Sydney's location will be Circular Quay's First Fleet Park, and the restaurant will also feature celebrity chef appearances. All tips will be donated to OzHarvest and Foodbank, feeding the city's homeless. Masterchef Dining will launch in Sydney on August 13 and go for 3 weeks.

Tickets are sold through the website.
First Fleet Park
Circular Quay