Friday, 8 August 2014

FBi Radio: The Friday Delicious August 8 2014

Just because I've been in Tasmania doesn't mean I don't know what's going on back in Sin City. There's movement at the station once again and plenty of news on new stuff worth checking out.

1. Cho Cho San 

 The pull to Potts Point continues to grow, with a new Japanese-ish eatery opening just a short while ago in the venue that in a previous life used to be Australian icon chef Christine Manfield's ground breaking Paramount restaurant. Cho Cho San is the kind of love child that makes Australian food so great: The key players involved are a restaurateur best known for rocketing Thai food into Sydney's stratosphere over a decade ago (Longrain's Sam Christie), a Greek Australian chef who's also been known to cook epic Italian cuisine among many other feathers and a Burmese Chinese chef who's cooked Italian at Vini and Ester, Argentine tapas at Bodega and modern Chinese at Billy Kwong. If you're a fan of eclectic, tasty Izakaya-style snacks, Japanese beers and gigantic green tea soft serves, this will be your jam.

73 Macleay Street, Potts Point
(02) 9331 6601

2. Coogee Pavilion 

Coogee Bay can officialy be known for something good when it comes to food, rather than just that unfortunate incident all those years ago (and may we never speak of it again). The Beach Palace Hotel has been reimagined into the kind of beachside hang you'd expect from the guys who brought you Mr Wong, El Loco and...well, everywhere else. Think easygoing, seaside fare and you're on your way - with an obvious seafood focus featuring cold seafood platters and freshly shucked oysters, there are also wood fired pizzas, epic fried chicken sandwiches and cold pressed juices to wash it all down.

169 Dolphin Street, Coogee
(02) 9240 3000

2. LP's Quality Meats 

The experienced in any industry fare well and for obvious reason when it comes to subsequent operations: they've learnt a thing or two and bring a wealth of experience with them. LP stands for Luke Powell, a chef from a fine dining background (Tetsuya's to name but one), who went on to flip burgers at Mary's, is on the eve of opening his very own venture in partnership with some of the guys behind Porteno and Bodega. It'll be about meat (obviously), and it'll be low, slow and influenced by the global traditions of BBQ, smoking and general carnivorous behaviour. Don't freak out, vegetarians, there will be some of those in there too - basically the modus operandi will be simple, primal and honest. Look it up.

12-16 Chippen Street Chippendale