Friday, 6 March 2015

Free food!

The Friday Delicious, 5pm FBi Radio 94.5fm

"There's no such thing as a free lunch" isn't exactly true. There are plenty of places you can find yourself a feed that costs you cents, or nothing at all...

The Free Meal 

A restaurant pop up where you don't pay for your sumptuous 3 course meal, and all you need to wash up after yourself. Yes, it's a clever branded content exercise by an unnamed dishwashing liquid company, but who cares when you can get a free feed by an (also unnamed) celebrity chef? Featuring some of his iconic dishes, all you need to do is to to Eventbrite, search for The Free Meal and make a booking. There's dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, so get online and nab yourself a seat if there's still room.

The Free Meal
7 Hudson Street, Redfern, March 6th, 7th

Hare Krishna Food for Life 

Good karma is the order of the day. And on weekdays outside the Newtown Community Centre, you can be nourished body and soul by the lovely folks from the Hare Krishna Food for Life food van. It's a hearty, not very sophisticated blend of vegetarian Indian food but if you've not two coins to rub together, there needn't be an occasion to go hungry. Food is by grateful donation, and it's worth anyone going down to check it out for the experience alone.

Outside the Newtown Community Centre, King Street from 6-7.30pm Weeknights

Get Weedy 

As you walk down the street, through a park or by the beach, you probably don't realise that many of the plants you pass are edible...and not only that, they're delicious! We're not talking about decimating your local park for the sake of a free feed, but it's fascinating to know what what can nourish us is all around us if you know what to look for. Professional plant expert Diego Bonetto has been on The Friday Delicious before and his Wild Food Map is a great place to start learning about sustainable sustenance. tells you how to identify what's edible, as well as where to find it, which is quite frankly, a great way to get to know your local area just that little better.