Friday, 26 October 2007

the fishbowl

580 Darling Street, Rozelle.

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Rozelle and Balmain locals are really spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out...but the options run slim when it comes to seafood restaurants. (My dad always said "beware of the seafood restaurant if you can't actually see the water)

A few hits and misses with this one:

On the menu:

Sydney rock oysters with eschalot vinigarette
Tempura soft shell crab
Mushroom crusted kingfish with parsnip puree

Blue Eyed Cod with pancetta and red wine jus
Warm chocolate fondant with pistachio gelato and biscotti


The oysters were really fresh and tasty and the eschalot vinigarette went perfectly.

Its also nice to see a menu prove that fish can in fact be just as meaty and satisfying as their land-bound counterparts - both main courses contained some unexpected and pleasant surprises with the pancetta, the jus on the cod and the hearty crusting on the kingfish.

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Chocolate fondant doesn't get anymore decadent and satisfying than this. Perhaps slightly overcooked...the whole point is the gooier in the centre the better, no? But all in all, a really delicious end to the meal.

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Lowlights: The softshell crab, whilst nicely cooked came with a rather overly generous squirt of tartare sauce underneath..A really lazy way out in terms of 'gluing' the meal together and totally excessive. No dice.

The verdict? I'd do it again, but without the crab. 6/10


Sarah said...

I have dined several times at Fishbowl and have always enjoyed my meal. Hence several times!
Some dishes can be hit or miss but I think that happens when you are adventurous with your menu and I prefer the odd miss to a boring menu.
The tasting plate is a great way to go if you want to try everything and believe me you are full at the end of it especially when topped off with one of their delicious desserts which is included in the price.
I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and it feels like a real treat at a reasonable price.