Friday, 16 November 2007


The Wharf
6 Cowper Wharf Rd
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Phone (02) 9368 7488

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OK, so good food month (aka. the happiest month of my calendar year) is over and I've been slack with keeping up with my posts.

Along with the rest of (sane) sydney, I went along to a 'Let's Do Lunch' event - the one under discussion here was had at Otto.

On the Menu:

Barramundi con Finocchio - Northern Territory Barramundi with fennel, tomato braise, black olives and basil.

I have to say I don't usually like to do 'dollar specials', mostly because they aren't very 'special' and also because I feel cheap. This lunch may quite have proved me wrong because not only did we recieve bread and oil to start with, wine, coffee and biscotti to end, the barramundi was fantastic:

Crisp skinned on the outside, soft and tender beneath. The fennel and tomato braise was beautifully seasonal and full of flavour.

Now, if only they could control the number of b-grade celebreties and their 'paparazzi' from eating at the same place, Cowper Bay Wharf might actually be a cool place to eat!