Tuesday, 29 January 2008

summer salt

Elouera Surf Club
66 Mitchell Rd
Cronulla 2230 NSW
Phone: (02) 9523 2366

I can't explain how disappointing this restaurant is, because the location and set up points to such great potential as a real opportunity to establish something quite special on Sydney's southern beaches.

To start with - the positive points: absolutely unobstructed views of Elouera beach - this venue has quite possibly the best view of any restaurant in Sydney's south to date. We arrived at the restaurant just in time for front row seats to a most spectacular sunset.

The restaurant's frontage and interior blend nicely with the surroundings - laid back luxe, minimalist, clean lines; the perfect backdrop to let the view do its work.

Unfortunately it's mostly down hill from here.

Whilst the atmosphere was relaxed, unfortunately so was the staff. How 'pinot' could be misconstrued as 'mojito', I will never know. Also - sommelier...? anyone? no?

The menu seemed overly contrived: 'liquid infused murray river pork cutlet with fig jam, raddichio, fennel and parmesan salad ' - in my opinion, one's mouth should be full of food, not words. This kind of overly decorated menu is so 5 years ago.

Also on the menu: wok-tossed prawns in red-curry with snake beans and water chestnuts. I have no problem with restaurants who 'fuse Asian flavours with Modern Australian cooking' (even if it is so very dated). But if it's going to be done, at least do it well. *yawn*

I'll stop here because I could go on about the price vs experience (not justified), the dramatic wait or the too-dim lighting but I wont. In one word: dissapointing.