Friday, 11 April 2008



I work in advertising. Needless to say coffee is a required daily intake if you wish to survive. This blog entry is devoted to the best coffee in Sydney. Bless you baristas. You may oft be out of work actors but your craft is truly appreciated.

Here are some good ones:

The Little Marrionette - Balmain

A congratulations to Ed and Beck, for garnering kudos in the Good Food roundup.
For those of you who don't know- Ed is quite possibly the best barista in Sydney, not to mention one of the loveliest people there is. Inventive with the coffee, you might be on the recieving end of a chilli-infused macchiato or a lemon-rind short black. Of course, you can get your coffee straight up and never be disappointed.

Good thick crema, never burnt, always balanced.

Get in early for egg and bacon tartlets and awesome paninis.

Bertoni Cassalinga - Balmain

Truly a testament to the fact that coffee is a product of the artist's mood. If you get Perry on a bad day, smile and give him a hug. You'll find the quality of the coffee improves dramatically. If you drink you coffee large and with soy/skim or some other ridiculous combination, go next door to Starbucks because 1. You don't know what real coffee is and 2. You don't deserve it.

Everything is good here, can I highly reccommend the panninis and the minestroni soup made by Albert's mama.

Dank St Depot - Alexandria

Irregular consistency with good coffee here. I once ordered a macchiato that was obviously burnt and almost short it shouldn't have gone out. The barrista later came over with a double ristretto to apologise..and this time it was great.

Jeds - Bondi

The guys use fare-trade beans with skill. I've rarely had a bad coffee here. As with any good cafe, there can be wait but it is well worth it. Use your spare time to people watch.

Organics - Bondi

Nick takes his craft seriously. And though the cafe scene is competitive around Gould Street, this cafe stands out for consistently good coffee, quick service and a smile.

Pop next door to the grocery section and pick up some good organic chocolate to go with your latte.

Lemon - Surry Hills

A favourite amongst locals - this place gets intensely busy on weekend mornings. Good for flat whites and lattes. Short blacks need some work.

Cafe Giulia - Chippendale

Another Nick, another guy passionate about his coffee. Churning out consistently awesome coffee despite the chaotic nature of daily cafe life at Guilia takes skill, perseverance and passion for coffee. Nice crema, not too strong..he will make it soy - he won't like it, but he'll do it well.