Friday, 11 April 2008

den sushi dining

639b New South Head Road
Rose Bay 2029
02 9371 1866


Blink and you'll miss it: Squished between a dry cleaners and a pharmacy, this sliver of a venue offers some of the best Japanese in the eastern suburbs.

Ok, so it isn't the most ambient location in the world, but Den is definitely worthwhile visiting if you like your sushi fresh, your service friendly and your bill incredibly reasonable.

Den offers generously proportioned servings: our edamame may have been cold (its a preferance thing), but there was way more than enough for 2 people.

A great indication of a good sushi restaurant is the sushi/sashimi plate. Is it well cut? Does it look like it was alive an hour ago? Is it artful in arrangement? tick, tick and tick. Not only this, but the stock standard sushi/sashimi plate almost never includes octopus sashimi or big juicy salmon roe..both of which was present.


The wakame salad contained the favorite seaweed dressed in sesame oil, on a bed of cabbage in a tangy vinigarette.

tempura gyoza

Another favourite, the gyoza takes a twist here...juicy pork dumplings, lightly dipped in tempura batter, fried and then served with japanese mayonaise and sweet soy. Surprisingly light and very delicious. If you're a dumpling lover, get two is most certainly not enough.

Fresh, Friendly and Fun. (I heart alliteration)



floridagirlinsydney said...

Found your blog while looking for a Japanese restaurant in the Eastern Suburbs. Went to Den Sushi, it was good and did takeaway from there later in the week.
I'm adding your blog to my blog-- I think people moving to Sydney should check out your dining experiences (and most of my blog readers are people moving here). Cheers.

iheartfood said...

Hi Floridagirl...I'm glad you liked it..! Make sure you try out Rawbar in North Bondi too..its a bit pricier but the sashimi is really well cut and the view is pretty unbeatable..wait for nicer weather though!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I just googled Den Sushi to make a take away order and this was the first thing that came up...
so have you made it to Makizo yet?