Thursday, 3 April 2008


8 Heeley St
Paddington NSW 2021
Phone (02) 9380 8838

Wasavie has developed somewhat of a reputation as a secret find amongst well heeled eastern suburb types and their reviewers of late. Reviews cite 'hushed tones' and 'best kept secrets'. Given the constantly packed communal dining table seating 24 at a time and the disappointed diners being turned away regularly - I'd safely say the jig is up...Wasavie is, after all part of the Paddington 5 ways hub.


The dim lighting and minimalist chic lends itself to good looking, stylish couples eating good looking, stylish food. The extensive menu includes all the favourites, from crisp, crunchy tempura served in cute baskets, to some of the freshest and well cut sashimi Sydney has to offer.

miso eggplant

We ordered the Nasu Denkaku - Eggplant grilled and served with white miso paste. It kind of looks like eggplant mornay. Creamy smooth in texture, order it with a side of white steamed rice as it is on the salty side of life. A house favourite.

Other basics such as Gyoza are done well and are generously proportioned.

Prawn Misoyaki

The specials are where Wasavie starts to pull away from some other restaurants of its ilk - a more highbrow take on Japanese favourites such as salmon, prawns and beef concocted artfully. We had the Ebi Misoyaki - Grilled prawns with a white miso glaze, served on black sticky rice. A tad salty for my taste but the prawns were generous and meaty and the black rice with a nice contrast.

We spied several couples ordering the Wagyu Beef Tataki, seared and thinly sliced with a ponzu reduction and served with radish..It's the kind of meat dish that makes you involuntarily water at the mouth and fanticise about leaping over the table and grabbing it inches away from someone's mouth. A definite must for carnivores.

The verdict? Kind of like Tsukasa but fancier.



Ami said...

The head chef recently left due to visa reasons (but he's reapplying as we speak)

But thankfully, the sous chef from Yoshii (his left hand man) has been filling in 3 nights a week to continually produce top quality sushi with his skilled hands.

Fooderati said...

Great to know..thanks for leaving a comment! Lets hope his visa troubles get sorted out and that he can continue to make amazing food in Sydney!