Sunday, 18 May 2008

chef's V
Meji-dori, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo

A lot of people get the impression that good food has to be expensive. Or that fancy cafe's have to be steep on the price tag. Especially in Tokyo. Don't believe them.


As most tourists tend to do, we stumbled on a cool little complex on Meiji-dori, just a few blocks up from Shibuya metro and found Chef's V. Don't be faked out by the luxe interior and the ladies who lunch. This place means serious value, especially from 11.30am to 3.30pm with lunch special 'bento' style meals that give you a little taste of everything and include tea and dessert.

Ours came with a sticky 5-grain rice, salad with creamy beetroot salsa, grilled glazed salmon, tomato soup, cold tofu with smoked olive oil and chargrilled spring onions, all impeccably presented on a modern bento-style dish.

The dishes were all perfectly balanced and felt like it was doing something good for our health as well as tasting delicious. The real surprise was the tofu with smoked olive oil - the taste is something quite surprising and like nothing I've ever encountered.


Dessert came with a choice of either yoghurt or wasabi flavoured ice-cream, along with two kind of sponge cake and adzuki bean shortbread..and tea. Did I mention that this set us back 1,300 yen each? This roughly exchanges to $14 Australian.

A definite must for a shopping trip pit-stop with style.