Saturday, 17 May 2008

nagoya ramen


After 12 hours and multiple delays courtesy of one budget airline who shall remain nameless, we arrived in Nagoya tired although surprised at how easy it is to get around considering my Japanese is pretty awful.

special ramen

After checking in at the Chisun Inn, Sakae we asked out helpful concierge where to go for a quick bite to eat. After being dubiously directed down an alleyway near the hotel, we managed to find ourselves in a red light district of sorts.

When we finally found the alley we assume we were referred to, we found an abundance of late night noodle joints, catering mainly for businessmen after work (perhaps the same as the red-light parlours...), we stumbled upon a little gem thanks to the chef whose good sense of bad english humour roped us in.


We were happily surprised at the quality of the food and the speed of service as our chefs inquired as to why were happened upon this area and what we were doing in Nagoya.


We ordered the 'special' ramen - pan fried morsels of pork belly, spring onion and white onion in a white pepper-infused stock with traditional ramen noodles. Also on the menu were a plate of gyoza, bite-sized pieces of heaven, served with pureed ginger and dipping sauce. As a litmus test, we also ordered their 'standard' ramen, which I am happy to say was set at 'high' on the benchmark, whilst Ichiban Boshi in Sydney can be proud of their ramen, they're certainly doing Australia proud.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that looks so yum. Also i've noticed most Japanese cooks are always very friendly. I've only been to say... 2 ramen places in sydney. The best was probably tomodaki in rhodes shopping mall but I never go their regularly since its out of the way.

What is that ramen place you mentioned?