Monday, 12 May 2008


200 Crown St
East Sydney NSW 2010
Phone (02) 9361 3818

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Sydney is sorely lacking in little out-of-the-way restaurants, cafes and bars like the kind you find in Melbourne. There: I said it. This isn’t to say that Melbourne has better food, but there’s something to be said about the thrill of knowing about those slightly obscure venues with great food and atmosphere.

Whilst Tsukasa isn’t exactly situated ‘out of the way’, its basement location and tiny street entrance gives it a bit more of a secretive feel than many surrounding restaurants in East Sydney.

Inside, you won’t find fancy digs but what you will find is friendly and attentive staff, prompt service and great food.

The joy of eating Asian food is in sharing. A group of at least 4 is a great idea so you can experience more than just one or two dishes. The menu is quite comprehensive so there’s enough to keep even the most conservative person satisfied.

Start with the ubiquitous Edamame and the Seaweed salad. Edamame (salted soy beans) requires no introduction however the seaweed (wakame) tends to intimidate newbies. Its sesame oil and soy dressing atop a simple salad is fresh, flavourful and not unlike the texture of crunchy vermicelli rice noodles.

On the vegetarian front, the Agadashi Tofu and Vegetable Tempura are both done very well here. You mustn’t miss the Shigoyaki – grilled eggplant with soybean paste. Best eaten with rice, it is all at once sweet, salty and smooth.

Tsukasa’s sushi and sashimi selection is worthwhile ordering and whilst not quite as inexpensive as other restaurants, you certainly get what you pay for in terms of quality, freshness, cutting skill and presentation. Steer clear of the ‘Chef Shoes’ and go straight for the sushi/sashimi plate, which comes complete with freshly sashimi’d Yellowtail, filleted and then served…on itself. A little bit macabre, but kind of pretty.

On a warmer note, the well worn favourites (of the cooked variety) amongst Australian aficionados of Japanese food are well executed here: The Beef Teriyaki is tender, and generously proportioned, the Gyoza is plump and juicy, the Karage (aka. Japanese KFC) is crispy and well seasoned and the Prawn Tempura is so crisp that you can eat the tails (Try it they’re delicious!).

Couple any of the aforementioned with a few Asahi’s or a box (yes, box) of sake, and say ‘Kanpai’ to the start of a great evening.


Anonymous said...

Hey I saw your post on Jenius, thought I'd stop by and look around. Really nice food! I like it when I read blogs about local places. I'm in western sydney myself.

and yes I was the boy with the weird food too...actually at tafe I still am T_T


iheartfood said...

Hey Daniel! Thanks for your comments! I've just done a review for Time Out Sydney for a restaurant in Parramatta...pick up next week's issue to check it out!
Lots of great places out West that I'm yet to check out...let me know if you hear of anything I should be trying!


Kotengu said...

OMG! Not Kewl! ... you stole my friends photo without giving credit >_<

Kotengu said...

look closely and can see other friends arm .. even though the right side is edited..


SoRMuiJAi said...

The photo you have used for this post was originally taken by me, and blogged by me on 10 March 2007.

You have used this photo without my permission. If you want to use my photo, I am happy for you to contact me. But to use it without my permission is a breach of copyright. Please remove the photo from your blog immediately.

melissa leong said...

I'm so sorry!..I found the image on google images and I couldn't see what site it was attributed to. I honestly didn't mean to cause impropriety and sincerely offer my apologies and want to leave the comments on here as public testament to that.

No harm intended.


Anonymous said...

you thief...

melissa leong said...
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melissa leong said...

Seriously, WTF do you want me to do now?

I've apologised for the oversight, removed the picture, given you an explanation as to why it was up there in the first place...its a blog, not the front page of the SMH..! If you aren't over it by now, you really do need to get a life...