Sunday, 29 June 2008

lilifield's cafe

210 Oxford Street
Paddington, NSW 2021
p: (02) 9368 1366


Sunday afternoon. Hungover. So where does one go for lunch that is serenely calm and away from main street noise..without having to go to the country...or worst still...the suburbs..?

Hidden at the back of Lilifield's Florist on Oxford Street, My friend Nat introduces me to an oasis of quiet; all dappled light, mosaic tables and tinkling water courtesy of a cute little water feature.

Lilifield's may be known as pretty awesome florist but it is also home to a little gem of a organic cafe, set in the courtyard in the backyard of this converted terrace.


With an all-day breakfast menu including organic eggs, bacon and all the regular trappings and a lunch menu including a pretty fantastic chicken and mushroom lasagne with a spinach and tomato salad and deliciously simple sandwiches and great coffees.

Good food, peaceful surroundings...and all within 5 minutes of the city...destination found.