Wednesday, 2 July 2008

max|m supermarket opening

9 Regent Place
501 George Street, Sydney


Ahhh bless the Japanese for their impeccable packaging and infinite sense of cuteness.

Max|M's soft launch opening was an introduction to the ultimate Japanese/Asian supermarket: luxe styling mixed with immaculate design and a covetable combination of exclusive clothing and Japanese toy brand concession stores as well as, of course a fully kitted out supermarket choc full of the stuff you dream about: rows of frozen dumplings, wonton wrappers, wasabi peas, green tea, katsu curry mixes, cooking utensils and of course, immaculately packaged Sanrio cartoon lollies.

As you glide around the basement level shopping haven with your state of the art fancy shopping cart, you may need to exercise more than a little self control to come out with just what was on your list rather than one of everything.

The launch itself was the ultimate shop sampling experience. Forget those bored housewives poking around cut up synthetic sausages on hot plates in the dairy section and say hello to lots of loud Chinese women laden with trays full of steaming hot dumplings, fish cakes, juice, tea and noodles enticing you to try their wares.

"You must try, ok?..eets deeeelicious!" (I can write Asian slurs because I am one, alright?)

The cosmetic section is also stocked full of Japanese beauty products that you normally have to buy a ticket to Tokyo for. We're talking every conceivable type of mascara and curling wand you could ever hope to have.

The pinnacle however, was the announcement that Adriano Zumbo, Balmain's famed patissier will be joining the complex in the coming weeks to share his delectable concoctions with the Sydney CBD. If you work in the area, prepare to get fat.

So if you're like me and could spend hours wafting around supermarkets, this is the place to go.


chocolatesuze said...

heh i love japanese supermarkets! aw im so jealous youve got connections to launches!

Mel said...

hell yeah - i roll deep with the japanese supermarket crew... ;)

I'll invite you next time something fun comes up!

Anonymous said...

well it was great until it all closed recently!! as a lumiere resident, i'm quite depressed :(

fooderati/mel said...

I'm so heartbroken too!! It was so great!! At least you still have the great ramen place on the ground floor!