Tuesday, 5 August 2008

muoi's feast

11 Fletcher St Byron Bay NSW 2481
ph: (02) 6685 7557

Byron locals love to keep their secrets from the passing tourist trade. An unsuspecting tourist may visit Byron Bay and never really partake in the kind of experience you can have with a little bit of help from a local. If you're not careful, you could find yourself eating very average food for very above-average prices, much to one's disappointment.

Here's a general tip: avoid the main drag of Jonson Street to prevent yourself from being ripped off, both at the wallet and the stomach.

Muoi's Feast is a local's tip I picked up and have held onto ever since. Sitting on Fletcher Street, parallel to the main street, it's slightly out of the way location means you're less likely to run into bogans, from Sydney or Queensland who are in town to booze it up, dude.


Set in a quiet alcove, ignore the sign at the front boasting 'Fabulous Asian and Western Food'. It sounds naff but it's actually true so don't let the proclamation turn you off.

Start with a dozen oysters 'My Way', which means with chilli, lime, coriander and chinese rice wine - they need no more dressing than this and are a deliciously refreshing way to start the meal.


We opted for the 'entree for 2' which promised a little taste of everything on offer. The garlic butter-grilled scallops on the half shell were sweet and delicately balanced by garlic, butter and parsley. More please!
Other items on the taster plate included crispy duck-filled spring rolls, deliciously spicy tamarind and chilli-basted quails and an asian-dressed salad of radishes and rocket served in a wonton basket.

When it comes to mains, the options are many and varied. We choose the 'Wicked Duck' and Chargrilled prawns with toasted Macadamias, served with steamed ribbons of zucchini and a chilli glaze.


The duck absolutely lives up to its name - roasted and glazed in five-spice powder, and countless other spices, the meat is tender and juicy whilst the skin is crisp and really flavoursome. Simply served with steamed broccoli and potato gratin, perhaps the sides could have been a bit more complementary, nevertheless, it was a total winner.

The chargrilled prawns were generously sized, crunchy, nicely grilled (giving them a great smoky flavour) and there lots of them! Muoi's is certainly not a restaurrant to be accused of being stingy! They prawns were presented, encircling a tower of rice, draped with steamed zucchini ribbons and garnished with toasted macadamia nuts and a chilli glaze. It may not have been the most authentic of dishes, but the produce was fresh, generous and well executed.

Although the desserts are delicious, my reccomendation is to skip the bill and walk up the street to grab a gelato and a stroll along the beach. The perfect Byron date!

Images courtesy of simonleongdesign


Simon Leong said...

thanks for the photo credit. i love their oysters!
s :-)